What sets “Help Me Find My Baby .Com” apart from other missing dog services?

 Our personalized approach is what truly distinguishes us. We tailor our services to meet the needs of every single unique case individually.

How does your service work?

When a dog goes missing, pet owners can reach out to us. We gather specific information about the lost dog, including photos, videos, and descriptions and we then create very moving digital designs that are sharable by the owner as well. Our team then conducts targeted searches, leveraging social media on various platforms, local communities, humane societies, animal shelters, fosters, and rescues. We also dive deep into various pet websites and resources within our own huge database. 

How successful have you been in reuniting lost dogs with their families?

All of our agents have successfully reunited numerous dogs with their owners. Please check out some of our Success in our reviews section. 

What happens If you don't find my dog?

  We never give up!!  If you want our team to continue the search with continued mass social media advertising, you are welcome to join as a member.

What happens if you do find my dog? Do you charge a reward fee?

  Yes. We charge a 50% reward fee if we find your dog through someone else's post. It's only fair to pay the person who also posted the dog. If we locate your dog through our techniques, we only charge 70% because you may want to buy your sweet baby something cool now that they are home.

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We look forward to working with you and mending you to the other half of your broken heart!