Neat Tips And Tricks

That you can try to locate or help your dog find its way back.

Keep in mind

These pointers have all been proven to work by helping missing dogs find their ways back home or to where they went missing.

Crank it up!

If your dog is used to hearing you ride ATVs or any type of loud ride, crank it up and ride out! OfCourse stay close to the missing area.

Grill it up!

If your dog is used to you grilling, Fire up the grill! Dogs can smell from miles and miles away

Set clothing outside

Place clothing or bedding that has your household sent outside on the ground. Just be sure to change it out daily.

Post on social media

Check lost and found pet websites

Go door to door

Go door to door all around the missing location leaving your number with a short description of your dog. An added photo is always a plus. Don't go at night by yourself and if they don't answer the door or if no one is home, leave the info where the wind can't blow it and where the resident will notice it right away.

 Turn it up!

If your dog is used to hearing loud music, Turn it up! Dogs can hear their owner's car from many blocks away. It's a good idea to let the neighbors who may be annoyed know ahead of time. Also don't pull away from your house blasting your music because you don't want to lead them away. Its defiantly smart to do it all the way home. 

Contact all of the surrounding shelters

We have found its best to visit in person to check and leave your information.

Check adoption websites

Check Facebook Lost and Found pet groups in your area